Raptor is an Ethereum infrastructure DAO focused on maintaining ETH2 Validators, an essential public good, by supporting the infrastructure to onboard the next wave of users into Web3.

We believe the open source roots of Ethereum encourage communities to support each other and support the network.


Our vision is to build a decentralized network of validators and strong brand identity that's owned and built by its community.

Our DAO is governed by the RAPTOR token, with a focus on staking ETH2 Validators, providing an everlasting source of yield. ​


To learn more about Raptor visit our Whitepaper.


Staking Ethereum 2.0 will allow Raptor to contribute to securing the Ethereum network and earn Ether (ETH) rewards.

Each node requires 32 ETH to stake and secure the network. In return for validating transactions, each node is rewarded some Ether.

RaptorDAO will "wrap" a significant portion of our Treasury into Ethereum 2.0 Validation Nodes, and derive an everlasting source of yield to fund the Protocol, Treasury and RaptorDAO. ​​

​Providing this public good also decentralizes the Ethereum ecosystem and helps support the infrastructure to onboard the next wave of users into Web3.


In the future, we may implement a Staking Rewards Program. 

With most projects, Stakers typically receive rewards in the project's native currency. When the staking rewards program dries up, Stakers dump their tokens on the open market and move on to the next project.

Our staking rewards program is designed to operate differently. Our rewards program does not introduce unsustainable selling pressure of the RAPTOR token, as Stakers receive ETH instead.

Stakers deposit RAPTOR tokens into our smart contract and receive ETH rewards for the duration RAPTOR is staked. This reduces the circulating supply of RAPTOR in the market, gives the token utility and drives demand for the token.​


Our mission is simple.

Acquire ETH. Launch Validators. Earn Yields. Repeat.

That's it. No bullshit. No crazy Ponzi schemes or strange DeFi mechanics.

RAPTOR launches Ethereum Validators, providing a public good to the Web3 community and derives an everlasting source of yield to fund the Protocol, Treasury and RaptorDAO. ​


If you want to learn more about how we're going to do this visit our Roadmap.


Together we can build what individuals can't. Communities create culture, and we believe this is how we get to the next level. 


RaptorDAO will support and empower community-led initiatives to develop our strategy, culture, and brand identity such as NFTs and Merch. 

We believe a DAO is the best way to give every member of the community the opportunity to vote on important decisions through Snapshot voting.

A strong community representing the brand on social media, in the metaverse and IRL will onboard thousands more people into our community.


We pledge to uphold the values of Ethereum by providing public goods infrastructure to onboard the next wave of users into Web3.


Holding RAPTOR tokens is the only requirement for membership in the DAO.






RAPTOR is a utility token used within the Raptor ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 smart-contract, a program stored on the Ethereum blockchain and runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). 

As a discrete program, it acts a fungible token, allowing the user to use it as a key to interact with other smart contracts such access or voting programs. The token can be swapped and traded between people.


The total token supply of RAPTOR is 1 Billion tokens (1,000,000,000). The actual circulating supply will be much less.




Community 80%

80% of tokens will be held in the Ecosystem Fund and used to:

  • Establish a protocol-owned liquidity pool (RAPTOR<>ETH).

  • Facilitate liquidity mining, staking and spinning up additional liquidity pools.

  • Acquire Ether (ETH), and other yield influence assets.

  • Fund community proposals, grants, etc.

  • Develop the brand and culture.

  • Fund community engagement and marketing activities.

  • Reward community members for outstanding contributions to the DAO

  • "Wrap" Ether (ETH) into Ethereum 2.0 Validator Nodes to earn rewards to fund the Protocol, Treasury and DAO.

Team 20%

20% of tokens will be gifted to the Founding Team:

  • 4 year linear vesting, no cliff.


Token Symbol


Token Smart Contract Address



Ethereum Network

To learn more about token specifics click here.


To join our tribe:

  • Simply get some RAPTOR via Uniswap

  • Join our Community on Discord

We're forming a new tribe, join us.